Sunday: Dego Red 1st to finish but lost to Rear Bear, cut pylon                                                                                                        Kramer family in the Box Seat
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Reno Air Races
If you love airplane noise!
It's NASCAR with wings at almost 500mph

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1963 Dad took me to my first Air Race at Reno. These were the early days of Reno and I remember vividly the performances of Bob Hoover, Art Scholl and the spectacular unlimited races. Engines throbbing with a resonance you could feel in your teeth. I was hooked and have gone back regularly since. I first took Diana to Reno in 1992 and have taken Josh and John, there all hooked.
Air Racing has a long history in America. Since the barnstorming days, pilots have been challenging their aircraft and each other in the sky. There were race venues from coast-to-coast after WWII which saw mostly modified surplus fighter aircraft screaming around a low level course dazzling spectators.
Accidents, area growth and people who just don't like airplane noise have since eliminated all but one race. The National Championship Air Races at Stead Airport, Reno Nevada.
Every September for 5 days, competitors, performers and fans flock to the only Air Race venue in the world. At 5000 feet elevation in the thin air of the High Sierra Desert it's non-stop action.
Aircraft racing is the main attraction in addition to aerial displays, aerobatics, skydiving and the latest military aircraft demonstrations.
Racing involves 6 classes.
  • Formula 1 (Kit planes evenly matched with 100hp engines)
  • Biplanes (Kit and production)
  • T6 (Stock and evenly matched WWII trainers)
  • Sport (Highly modified new production and kit aircraft)
  • Jet (L-39 Albatross Jet and )
  • Unlimited (Highly modified WWII piston fighters approaching 500mph)
2004 Diana and I purchased box seats, (10 seats) at the home pylon with the Kramer family. Alison and Terry Yomans also joined us.

Here are some highlight and pictures from Reno


Unlimited class and their red-hot
Voodoo - P51 Mustang                             September Furry - Hawker Sea furry                                Dego Red-P51 Mustang
Other Racing Classes
Formula 1                                                     Biplane                                                   T-6                                                              L-39
The Air Show
Diana in front of Castrol Edge 440                                 Oracle Christian Eagle                                             T-34 Mentor, Julie Clark
It's all in the Prop where metal meets air!
Merlin's magic                                    Old Yeller                                           Jagernaught                                            Precious metal
Showcase What's new
Glass Air in great colors                         Blue Mountain EFIS                                           Glass Air
Nose art
Looking forward to Reno 2007:


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