Oriental Chicken Salad


Mings Chicken Salad


This dish is an improvement on recipe found on the back of the package of SuLuk Mafin Sticks (glass noodles) which can be found in the oriental foods sections of most stores. Follow the directions with my additions and notes.


1.    SuLuk Mafin sticks; follow the Oriental Salad recipe on the back. When making the dressing use a good quality Sesame oil and double the amount.


3.    Cook chicken breast in chicken stock, shred or pull apart with fork. Return to stock and keep warm.

4.    Use a tight head of Iceberg Lettuce and shred or slice very thin.

5.    Prepare remaining ingredients per recipe.

6.    Use slivered Almonds and bake at 350f with the Sesame seeds till brown.

7.    Add 1 cup of chopped Cilantro.

8.    Cook Mafin Sticks in oil, keep the Glass Noodles total submerged as they cook, so cook in small groups.

9.    Add everything to a very large bowl, pour on the dressing, mix and serve warm.